Saturday, 31 May 2014

Breakfast at Hannibal's

Similarly to the TV show character redesign project, with this one I had to take an already existing TV show's opening and recreate it in my own way.
I went with the NBC show Hannibal because it's one of my favourite TV shows and the opening is a tad bland for my tastes so I wanted to improve it. It also meant that I got to work with bloodier, darker themes that I don't usually explore, so that was interesting!

Here's my initial research that I did so I could make note of the reoccurring themes and imagery in the show so I could include them in the title sequence (things like meat, bones, flowers, cooking utensils, etc.)

Considering how important the theme of cooking and eating is in the show I came up with the idea of a long panning shot across a long dining table because it would be perfect to show the gradual changes from normal gourmet food to blood and gore, just like in the show itself.

Here's the storyboard I did to work out how the sequence would look!

Before going to the final version I made a very rough version of the sequence so I knew what colours I wanted to use, how lighting would work and what shots I should draw out for the finalised opening.

When I was satisfied with the layout and had gathered a bit more reference (specifically for Hannibal's table/dining room area for the colours and design) I made the final version and put it all in to a video!

Here's the final version!

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